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    DoggyWrld Tactical Harness™

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    Military-Standard 1050D Nylon Material - Extremely durable harness for all activities.

    Advanced Sewing - Carefully stitched on every joint and load bearing point, so your super active doggy cannot break it.

    Soft Breathable Mesh - Well-padded in all areas to deliver extra comfort when your dog needs it the most.


    The DoggyWrld Tactical Harness™ comes with two leash clip options. One of them is situated at the front of the dog’s chest, and the other between the shoulder blades. These two options provide different levels of comfort and sturdiness for both your dog and you as the owner – without putting any stress on your dog’s neck.

    The harness also offers an extra layer of durable protection against other dog or animal bites or even sharp protruding sticks when adventuring through the wilderness.


    After you’ve fitted the harness to your precious pooch and are ready to take their stylish new gear out for a test drive, you’ll feel the difference within just a few steps. The DoggyWrld Tactical Harness™ feels far sturdier and more reliable when compared to a regular neck collar and leash combo.

    You can also expect to notice a difference in your dog and how much more comfortable and relaxed they will be throughout the duration of your walks.

    How does it work?

    The front leash clip helps prevent your dog from pulling at their leash – and you along with them – when out on walks. Because of its position, if your dog jerks forward or attempts to run ahead of you, the leash will pull their chest to the side. This will stop your dog from rushing forward as their momentum would be pulled to one side and turn them to face you.

    To elevate your peace of mind even further, the leash clip between the shoulder blades offers sturdiness and support for your dog, whether you’re on a hiking trip or trekking on uneven terrain. Unlike a regular neck collar – the DoggyWrld Tactical Harness™ will not tug at your dog’s neck, ensuring greater safety and comfort.

    Measuring Your Dog

    First, you need to measure your dog and get the key measurements (Neck and Chest). Then you can compare it with the size chart we provided.

    Customer Reviews

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    Jadyn Fahey

    Very nice! Lots of compliments! Secure.

    Al Bosco

    Great customer service, Fast shipping and a great product!

    Albert Kshlerin

    Fits well, stitching is well done and durable, the metal buckles as strength.

    Vallie Rath

    Easily adjustable and super design

    Glen Gerlach

    Really Great! Medium fit well to my Belgian Malinois female.

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